Lanthanide Chelate Label Technologies

Eu-chelate W8044
Eu-chelate W1024
Eu-chelate DTPA
We offer a range of chelates based on the 5-9 dentate chelate structures for Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) assays. Our lanthanide chelates are synthesized with a variety of reactive groups for labeling chemistry:

Isothiocyanate (ITC)- and diochlorotriazine (DTA)-activated chelates can be conjugated to free amine group in proteins, peptides (N-terminus and lysines), aptamers and small molecules while iodoacetamide (IA)-activated chelates react with free sulfhydryl groups (including cysteines).

The chelate products are sold as labelling kits including the vial of crystalline chelate with full labelling instructions backed by full technical support

W1024 and W8044 Europium Chelates

The W1024-Eu and W8044-Eu chelates are stable chelates and widely used in homogeneous assay formats. mTR-FRET and TR-FRET benefit from the long-lived (ms range) lifetime to reduce short-lived background and scattering signal. mTR-FRET as a single-label assay format does not require target-protein bound acceptor molecule and it is therefore a user-friendly approach to develop assays. Acceptor dyes with emission wavelengths at the red end of the spectrum such as Cy5 can be applied for conventional TR-FRET assays in combination with the donor europium-chelate labels.

DTPA Lanthanide Chelates

The DTPA chelates are specifically designed for solid-phase immuno and hybridization assays using the dissociation-enhancement or electrochemiluminescence principles. The DTPA chelates can be ordered with europium, samarium, dysprosium and terbium lanthanide metals enabling for the construction of single, dual, triple and quad label assays for multi-probe measurements.

List of products

Scientific reports:

Correlation between the lowest triplet state energy level of the ligand and lanthanide(III) luminescence quantum yield

Homogeneous single-label cGMP detection platform for the functional study of nitric oxide-sensitive (soluble) guanylyl cyclases and cGMP-specific phosphodiesterases

Homogeneous Dual-Parametric-Coupled Assay for Simultaneous Nucleotide Exchange and KRAS/RAF-RBD Interaction Monitoring

QTR-FRET: Efficient background reduction technology in time-resolved förster resonance energy transfer assays

High-throughput amenable fluorescence-assays to screen for calmodulin-inhibitors

Stable and Highly Fluorescent Europium(III) Chelates for Time-Resolved Immunoassays
DTPA chelate
The DTPA chelates are specifically designed for solid phase immuno-, Hybridisation-, histology- Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) assays and are highly resistant to harsh assays conditions ie against prolonged exposure to competing chelators, heavy metals, to mMol concentrations, extremes of pH etc).