Bio-Nobile sample preparation technique using magnetic particles

Our method for sample preparation and purification of plant and genomic DNA, mRNA, total RNA  and proteins is based on the Bio-Nobile™ technology making use of magnetic particles and the "move particles - not liquids" method.
By providing the ability to move magnetic particles directly from one stage of the assay to the next, Bio-Nobile magnetic purification products enable researchers to derive greater benefit from the wide range of surface chemistries and particle materials available today.
The Bio-Nobile™ approach - combining the QuicPick™ magnetic tools with the QuickPick™kits - offers a unique approach to magnetic purification. Rather than immobilizing magnetic particles and then removing the surrounding liquid, the Bio-Nobile™ approach is to lift the particles directly out of the liquid. The particles can thus be moved rapidly and effortlessly from one stage of the purification to the next.
Moving particles, not liquids enables gentle isolation steps and high quality purified products. The Bio-Nobile method also allows visual control of the process as well as optimization of protocols. The method eliminates strong external magnetic fields and centrifugal forces by collecting the magnetic particles from the sample vessel. This is especially beneficial in DNA purification applications with fragile samples.
Move magnetic particles and not liquids
QuicPick magnetic tool
QuicPick™ is an ideal personal tool that can be carried and used under different test conditions. The QuicPick tool is a hand-held single-magnet device You can use it to carry the sample yourself from one stage of the assay to the next. You can see the sample at all times and have full control of the process. There is also an 8-magnet manual version, QuicPick multiEigth, which allows you to process samples from microplates a whole column at a time increasing the throughput manually.
For use with the QuicPick tool we recommend our range of optimized QuickPick reagents or special magnetic particles sold separately. However, you can also create your own QuicPick methods. In general, QuicPick can be used in all applications that use magnetic particles as a basis of purification, though not all particles are equally suitable. Particle size and magnetic properties are the two major factors that will affect performance.

Typically, products with a diameter of greater than 1 µm and iron content of around 50% or more will work best. With increasing particle size, sedimentation becomes a limiting factor. Also the volumes of liquids used must be optimized. QuicPick technology gives the benefit of using almost any vessel type with the QuicPick.
QuickPick kit boxes
Wide range of QuickPick™ applications
BN Products & Services offers a range of Bio-Nobile QuickPick™ kits for nucleic acid  purifications and for protein purifications

The QuickPick kits are optimized for the QuicPick™ magnetic tools as well as the BeadHunter™ robotic workstation. Reagents are available in the form of ready-to-use kits and as bulk ("XL") packages.
Most of the QuickPick kits are scalable
("SML" = Small-Medium-Large) meaning that the amounts of reagents used are directly proportional to the sample size.

The number of preparations for a kit is calculated for a "standard" sample size and may this vary depending on the actual sample sizes used.

Benefits of QuickPick™ purifications

Scalable and Flexible

  • wide range of sample materials
  • scalability: easy solution for variable sample volumes
  • use with QuickPick magnetic tools or the Bead Hunter workstation


Fast purification

  • 96 samples in one hour
  • rapid protocols ensure high-quality product
  • short hands-on-time
  • move particles, not liquids, to avoid time-consuming aspirating and dispensing steps



  • reproducible results
  • robust protocols
  • high-quality purified product
Wide range of QuicPick™ product formats
QuickPick™ Demo kits - optimized for preparations of 8 samples with fixed sample volumes to be used with the QuicPick magnetic tools. The kit contains reagents and consumables needed for the purification.

QuickPick™ Scalable kits (SML) can be used for variable sample sizes. The kit contains reagents needed for the purification. QuicPick tips are NOT included. The sample volumes may be scaled up and down, giving the yield of high-quality protein appropriate for the intended downstream application.

QuickPick™ Bulk reagents (XL) are also available for custom protocols and high-throughout applications.