Lanthanide Chelate Labels

Lanthanide chelate labelling kit

Kit name

QuickAllAssay Assay Labelling Kit



CEL QTK-0100

CEL QTK-0200

CEL QTK-1000



 Lanthanide chelates - coupling chemistry selection


 Amine coupling


 QuickAllAssay ITC Activated Eu-W1024 chelate



CEC1 QT-0100

CEC1 QT-0200

CEC1 QT-1000

 QuickAllAssay DTA Activated Eu-W1024 chelate



CEA1 QT-0100

CEA1 QT-0200

CEA1 QT-1000

 QuickAllAssay ITC Activated Eu-W8044 chelate



CEC8 QT-0100

CEC8 QT-0200

CEC8 QT-1000

 QuickAllAssay DTA Activated Eu-W8044 chelate



CEA8 QT-0100

CEA8 QT-0200

CEA8 QT-1000




 Thiol coupling


 QuickAllAssay IA Activated Eu-W8044 chelate



CEI8 QT-0100

CEI8 QT-0200

CEI8 QT-1000



 Labelling service



LSPR QT-10000

Small molecules

LSSM QT-10000


LSPE QT-10000

Nucleic acids

LSNA QT-10000

DTPA chelate
The DTPA chelates are specifically designed for solid phase immuno-, Hybridisation-, histology- Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) assays and are highly resistant to harsh assays conditions ie against prolonged exposure to competing chelators, heavy metals, to mMol concentrations, extremes of pH etc).