Bio-Nobile genomic DNA purification solutions

The QuickPick gDNA kit is universal and suitable for purifying genomic DNA from a wide variety of starting materials such as human and animal blood, buffy coat, leukocytes, hair, saliva, cultured cells, tissue, swap, buccal cells, urine and bacteria. DNA purified using QuickPick gDNA reagents show a recovery of at least 30 kbp which is suitable for all typical downstream applications, including: PCR, sequencing, RE digestion and cloning.
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QuickPick™ kit instructions: SML genomic DNA

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Typical performance of the QuickPick™ gDNA kit:
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Typical purity  = 1.7

Size of purified DNA = 30 kbp

Yields will depend on species, growth conditions, etc.

Increasing the sample amount will lead to increasing yield.

Leukocytes were suspended in 50-200 µl of PBS depending on sample amount

Genomic DNA purification - human material

Genomic DNA purification - animal material

Genomic DNA purification - bacterial material

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Genomic DNA purification - yeast and fungi

Sample protocols: