Bio-Nobile total RNA purification solutions

The QuickPick™ total RNA SML kit is an excellent solution for applications where the quality and purity are decisive. The purified RNA is free of organic solvents, proteins, enzyme inhibitors and other contaminants. The RNA is also free of genomic DNA contamination and is ready for downstream applications including: RT-PCR, real time quantitative PCR, Northern blotting, microarray analysis expression analysis studies, nuclease protection assays, RNA mapping and cDNA library construction.

The total RNA kit can be used to purify highly pure total RNA from a wide variety of samples, like: human and animal whole blood, animal tissue, plant tissue, buffy coat leukocytes and cultured cells. You can purify total RNA from up to 100 µl of whole blood, 50 mg of plant tissue or 10 mg of animal tissue and expect yields up to 15 µg of pure, concentrated total RNA.

The kit is scalable and Increasing the sample amount will lead to increasing yield.

List of products
Example: purification of total RNA from different amounts of mouse liver: